Monday, September 8, 2014

Heart of Love

Those who truly embrace the voice of soul
will know there is no death.
But that we are life created in the heart of love.
Journeying in the light of eternity,
for there is no religion in Heaven.
As what gets you there is not a religious belief,
but a map of the soul.
~ Casey ~


  1. What a Journey !!! Sometimes, I ask, what am I doing here? I have to agree that religious belief doesn't get you there. It might awakened that part of you that is asleep to the truth. We are spirit first then we have this human skin that we have been given to travel around this earth. So with that being said, I just want to be in Gods Will not mine. To be able to see His hand at work in my life.To get back on track. :~) <3 Beautiful Truth. Also can I take that wonderful lion home lol... Thanks Casey for your insights of life...

    1. thanks Sharon :) so glad you are here and touch this page with your heart.
      And yes, of course you can take that lion home ...... LOL