Wednesday, October 8, 2014

There Are No Words

There are no words
 that can properly dress my love for you.
So, I stand with no voice,
my love is naked before you.
My whispers but a breath,
my eyes are but the hands I caress you with.
It will be my soul that weaves
 through your heart and through your body.
As it is your scent I taste when I think of you my love.
~ Casey ~

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Behind the Veil of my Dreams

I cut through the veil of my dreams one night
to see just what orchestrated my visions as I slept.
And there before me was a painted woman,
floating gently in the abyss of my thoughts.
Her beauty was intoxicating, as I watched
the paintings move and change designs on her body,
as if one dream led into another.
No words were spoken, no sound was heard,
but a flow of magical movement between her body
and soul I watched.
Was this my dream maker?
Was this what guided me between the worlds
of conscious and unconscious breaths?
Slowly she danced as her eyes called my soul,
yet my body could not touch her, only my breath,
only my eyes.
So passionately I loved the Muse behind the veil
of my dreams.
Like a potter who sits at his wheel and creates a vase,
or an artist who stands before his canvas and paints a master piece,
the dream maker molds and paints my dreams.
So I say to you, now when I dream,
 I step behind the veil to commune with that
which turns the wheel and paints the canvas.
For I have seen what calls me between the worlds
of my conscious and unconscious breath.
~ Casey ~

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

When I Kiss You

I don’t just love you when it rains.
I love you when the lighting strikes
and the thunder roars.
As that is what I feel when I kiss you.
When I kiss you,
It is as if, inside my body
I splash like a thousand rain drops.
Harmoniously hitting a tin roof.
Grabbing each other and holding on
with their last breath, as if they will never
kiss again.
Yes, when I kiss you I am rain.
~ Casey ~

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The 10 Comandments of Light and Love

Writings are taken from the unpublished book
"Proverbs and Parables of the Heart" 
Share them freely with all you love.
~ Casey~

Monday, September 8, 2014

Heart of Love

Those who truly embrace the voice of soul
will know there is no death.
But that we are life created in the heart of love.
Journeying in the light of eternity,
for there is no religion in Heaven.
As what gets you there is not a religious belief,
but a map of the soul.
~ Casey ~

Friday, September 5, 2014

When the Soul Speaks

To sing with your heart is to use the voice of passion
To write a poem with your soul is to use the voice of God.
Come into my mind, my soul and listen as
I whisper the ancient stories through my breath. 
My heart remembers you, as my soul rejoices in our dance.
Come, and I will sing to you a song that heals our world.
 Our journey is one of the soul as we touch each other’s heart,
 through spirit we are inseparable. 
When Soul speaks, the wind listens and shapes the clouds
in the sky like a river that flows smoothly with the elements
that surround you.
As the quill will dance upon the parchment with spirits
that delight in the hand that writes from the Soul.
~ Casey ~

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Muse and the Wind

In her first life she was born the wind.
She filled the sky with her love and passion,
Woman would design the clouds to fit her moods
and touched all life beneath her.
In her next life she was born the rain
Her consciousness was lighting and the words
were thunder.
This Muse baptized all life beneath her with a glorious song as she washed the mountain tops and filled the rivers.
After many live times as wind and rain
Woman went to the Gods and said I want more,
because I am more the Gods they listened with intent
and nodded in agreement of her desire, as they too knew
 the secrets of  her heart.
It was the next life woman knew not what sensation
would come.
But only that when she ran it was the wind in her face
 that called, as she climbed the mountain.
The rain fell upon her body like a blanket of
joy from the sky.
And on the mountain top where woman stood,
It was there the wind moved through her as the
rain fell upon her face.
It was there the Muse planned her next life
and would come back as light.
Then, she would be in all life
Above as well as beneath the wind and the rain.
~ Casey S. Leasure ~

Friday, August 29, 2014

The First Creation


The first creation of all life was love,
As love is a birth that never dies
And lives in all creations.
It is the birth mark upon our soul
It is the rhythm in our dance
And the melody in our hearts.
~ Casey ~

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Whispers of Love

If a man can not see his reflection in life,
Then he can not hear the music in the rain,
Or even the whispers of love in the wind.
~ Casey ~

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dreamer's Prayer of Love

In my dream I carved my beloved from a stone of marble.
With each strike of my mallet as pieces of stone fell
I saw a past life where we had loved.
As I carved I could hear her laughter and song coming from the stone.
To the image I danced the sculptor's sacred dance and chanted
the dreamer’s prayer of love.
In love with an idea carved from my desires,
I watched as angels came to awaken the soul of my statue.
I kissed her and felt the soft moist lips of my dream come to life.
And we danced the sacred dance of an eternal love.
When I awoke, I was but a small stone in the palm of a woman’s hand,
as her thoughts reflected on an eternal love of a man
that loved her so passionately.
 ~ Casey ~